Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Finding Peace

Today I’m sitting in our local coffee shop working….Okay well my brain has gone into auto pilot and while my fingers may be working my brain is all too focused on this process of adoption. (Colleen, my dear supervisor, if you’re reading this…I promise I’ll get all my work done!)

I think I continue to be so amazed that there are moments when I just cannot help but smile at where God will take this. He makes beauty from the ashes right?

And…I haven’t cried in two days. HALLELUJAH!

Today I’m wrapped up in planning for all the things that I want to get done for this adoption. You know, my belly may not blow up like a balloon over the next months, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t get excited just like any other expecting mother. I don’t even know when our baby will be born…and technically, until our home study is done, we aren’t ‘expecting’ yet. BUT I’m expecting for the Lord to move and prove his power in all of this.

So, with that in mind, I get excited about what things I can do to get ourselves ready and excited in the midst of all the paperwork and expenses that may be coming. I’m dreaming of nurseries, photo sessions, registries and adoption announcements. And if you’re reading this post it means you’ve received your adoption announcement in the mail and followed the link to our blog – Welcome!

I’m continually reminded that God is so in control of this situation. Over the next couple weeks…(wait, am I kidding myself)..over the next several months, we have an overwhelming amount of decisions to make and paperwork to fill out. Yet HE IS STILL IN CONTROL! Today, I find so much peace in that.

I’ve decided that  as much as I write there will be plenty of things that need to be lifted up in prayer. Believe me, the list could literally go on forever, but for me I will ask for prayer for the following:
  • Choosing a trustworthy agency to trust, lean on and work with during this time
  • Peace
  • Financial provision – we have a lot of money to raise before we can even take the first step

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