Thursday, November 21, 2013

Time Away

Anyone that knows Jarrod and I knows that our life can tend to be a little crazy. Take Jarrod's crazy youth pastor schedule, add my work schedule, the fact that we are both in school and everything going on with the adoption = we almost always have something going on.

At the beginning of November, we were incredibly blessed to be able to spend some time away rejuvenating in the sun and warmth in Florida. We spent the first day embracing our childhood at Walt Disney World. Truly there is just something about that place that makes the day feel magical. Yes, I may have even cried a little during the fireworks.

After a day at Disney, we headed to Melbourne Beach for the remainder of a week for a retreat for youth pastors and their wives. First of all, I have to stop and thank the amazing church family that you have that sent us on to this retreat. As you can imagine, the past few months have been busy and full of emotion with very little time to process things together. The escape we found in Melbourne was so needed and rejuvenating. We were able to spend time alone exploring. We were blessed to network with a group of people that already feels so much like family to us. We were able to walk away from our cares, worries and daily tasks and refocus on the Lord who has been directing so many steps and recommit the coming days to Him.

Left: The view from our balcony every morning.
Right: Hanging out by the pool.

I think that sometimes it's important to remove yourself from your circumstances and to reconnect with your spouse in a place where there are no expectations. Jarrod and I needed this so badly. Although we came back to a life that had not stopped while we were gone, I can truly say that we came back ready to take on the next steps of life, ministry, our marriage and adoption and ready to listen to the Lord's guidance in these moments.

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