Friday, December 6, 2013

A Dedication of What's To Come

For what seems like forever now... Okay, really more like a few months, I've been looking forward to what tomorrow night will bring. For those of you just jumping in, tomorrow night is our first fundraiser for our adoption. For me, it's the first big step toward getting even closer to bringing our baby home.

Tonight, as I sit at work imagining the evening and reigning in my expectations, I have to take a moment and recognize that although my heart has focused on this event for so long... Although I've sat down with numerous people how have dedicated their time and efforts so selflessly to help bring all of this together... Although I've mulled over detail after detail to make sure that everything is coming together well... Although I've held this event in my hands and my heart for quite some time now, I have to recognize this one simple fact:

This event was never even mine to begin with.

So tonight, as I prepare for tomorrow night, I have to take a moment to dedicate my heart... this event... the details... and all the plans that make up tomorrow's fundraiser and place them in the hands where they have belonged this whole time. 

Father God, 

Sometimes I am at a loss for words when I think of the ways in which you've already orchestrated so many details to bring this adoption in our lives. You've known all along that our lives would be led down this road and you've prepared our hearts with each little step.

I thank you for each of the individuals that play a part in tomorrow's concert - the musicians, the singers, the donors, the attendees, the prayer warriors, and so many more. I thank you for their selfless attitude and the ways in which they ministered to us along this process. God I thank you for putting people in our lives that understand what this is like and that can be your love to us. 

As we prepare for tomorrow night, Lord, I ask that you would refocus my heart. I ask that you would take the stress, take the details, take all that this involves and make it yours. 

God I pray, more than anything - more than any amount that raise tomorrow - that tomorrow night would be for your glory and not our own. God I pray that you would use the words, songs and people involved in tomorrow night to reach hearts with your truth of adoption.

Thank you for the ways in which you sacrificed to adopt each of us into your family. Thank you for loving us enough to pay that lofty price. Thank you for giving us such a high value.

Lord, I value you above all the details. I trust that when my plans change, that you have a plan. I trust that when I ask why, that you already have the answer.

Your plans are so much better and so much better. God, tonight, I dedicate all of this - tomorrow night, next week, next month and the many days to come - to you. It's yours God, for your glory. 


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