Monday, December 9, 2013

Finding the Words to Say....Thank You

If you've spent any time at all following this blog, you are aware that this last weekend was a big weekend in the Stichter household. We hosted our first adoption fundraiser this weekend.... This post is intended to update everyone on how the fundraiser went.

The problem is....I can't seem to find the words to express the gratitude, joy, humility and blessings that both Jarrod and I felt after Saturday night. We went home with many, many tears in our eyes grateful for what God is doing.

Family and friends - over 150 of them - came out to enjoy the beautiful Christmas music, eat at the delicious Christmas cookie buffet, and check out our 40 silent auction items! 

We kicked off the whole evening by singing some fun and traditional songs about the Christmas season. 

Then Jarrod and I got up and shared a little bit about our journey to adopt - how we got here, where we're at now, and what God has been doing in hearts to prep us for these very moments. 

After a quick intermission to end the silent auction bidding, we dove right into hashing out why this Christmas season is even important in the first place - because Jesus came to earth as a baby to save a world that so desperately needed saving. But instead of just focusing on that birth, we decided to go beyond that. We sang songs and celebrated that fact that Jesus came as a baby to grow up and die to redeem each and every person on this earth... 

BUT he didn't just come to redeem...He came to build a relationship and to, ultimately, adopt each of us as sons and daughters into the kingdom of God has heirs to that beautiful glorious throne of grace, mercy and love. 

Now there's a reason to celebrate the Christmas season!

Although the evening was centered around one individual adoption, we ultimately wanted to bring all of our friends and family together to celebrate the adoption that each of us has been given. More than any sum of money that we could have raised, that was the focus and the prayer of the evening. The God would be glorified. That hearts would be touched and moved toward a closer relationship with Him.

When we ended the evening, tears were inevitable. God had moved. It was evident. I think that you could feel it in the room. We were at a loss for words... Praise the Lord!

...And then we got home and added up our total amount raised from the evening... If we have an average priced adoption, we raised just under 20% of the amount needed to finance our adoption....

Mmmm our God is good. Need I say more?  

We are trusting him to provide and the ways in which he is providing is astounding us.

Thank you to all who came. Thank you to all who generously gave up their Saturday evenings and let the Lord move them toward understanding the task before us. Thank you for those who selflessly gave of their own resources. Thank you to those who stood in the back and counted tickets, sold t-shirts, baked or served cookies and coffee, gave of their musical or technical talents, donated what they could to the silent auction, setup, tore down, cleaned up, and so many more. Thank you to those who could not attend, but faithfully lifted our evening up in prayer and trusted with us that God would provide. 

Thank you is not enough of a word to tell you what this means. Thank you does not accurately express the emotions we feel as a result your selflessness. But thank you are the words that we can offer. We are humbled and we could not have done this without you.

I'd like to end this post the same way that we ended our fundraiser. We shared this wonderful video. I'd invite you to view it through the lens of the Christmas season. It's a beautiful reminder of what God, our father did for us: "Sends for his son, crushes his son, in order to redeem sinners like you... But not just redeem you - ADOPT YOU."

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