Sunday, February 23, 2014


After realizing a couple weeks ago that there was a possibility we could be matched in a short period of time, Jarrod and I knew that we needed to take some immediate steps of faith to put ourselves in a position of being as prepared as possible for the moment when we are chosen to be the parents of who will be our baby

With only one week of planning, today we celebrated our adoption with a lasagna dinner immediately following our church's two morning services. 

We were incredibly blessed to have every single lasagna, salad, dressing, piece of garlic bread and cookie donated by so many amazing individuals. We were fully prepared to purchase any ingredients needed to make this happen so quickly and I don't think we spent over $10 ... BLESSED.

We were blessed to have so many dedicated volunteers to help pull the dinner together over the passed few days by preparing the food, serving and cleaning up. I was even able to go into the service this morning and spend a little time singing praises to our faithful God before I started serving everyone that came ... BLESSED.

We were blessed to have over 200 people come out and share in a meal while honoring the eventual homecoming of Baby Stichter. Jarrod and I were able to share our story of God's faithfulness to so many people that were willing to share in our excitement and offer up prayers with us that the time will be coming soon ... BLESSED.

More than anything today we have realized that, no matter how long we wait to be chosen by birth parents or how long it may take for our baby to arrive, we are so incredibly blessed by everyone around us. When the Lord called us to the journey of adoption, we knew that He would not leave us alone during the process... But we never expected the support that we have received from our friends and family during this time. The Lord has truly blessed us with our supporters!

Thank you to those that came out today. Thank you to those that helped in any way, whether through a donation, making food, or cleaning up. Thank you to those that couldn't come today but that covered our day in prayer. Thank you for everyone's prayers in this process. We cannot wait to celebrate the coming home of our child with you. Now we continue to pray and wait for God's timing on that.

All in all we have been so blessed by so many people and we pray that the Lord blesses those that have blessed us in such remarkable ways.

We are blessed. I cannot say it enough.

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