Monday, March 3, 2014

Three Years Ago

Last week Jarrod and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. It's hard for me to believe that it's been three years since that day. I remember every detail from that day so very vividly....

It was a beautiful day and it's amazing to think of all that we've been through as a couple since that very day. In fact, sometimes its almost too easy to forget where we've been as a couple that led us to this point in time:

Jarrod was my dream come true... We realized a long time ago that God had something special planned for our relationship... But it was high school, so who knew what was to come of that relationship at that point (although, Jarrod tries to convince me that he knew even then that, someday, I would be his wife). 

Jarrod at my high school graduation party (2007).

We had on and off periods in high school. We even didn't speak for a year of college after we broke up. We dated other people. We lived our lives a part from each other... We grew up. And then, God decided he had other plans. In a miraculous way (a story that's much too long for this blog), God brought us back together and we knew from that moment on that we weren't in this relationship just to date. We were moving toward marriage.

Jarrod visiting me at college (2010).

When Jarrod finally proposed I rejoiced in the fact that this amazing man of God was going to be all mine for the rest of my life. God had truly blessed me.

February 20, 2010.

And God blessed us greatly along the way to our marriage. We struggled to save the money needed to pay for our wedding as we were both in college. But faith, we entered a contest to win $10,000 to spend on your wedding.... and we won! 

When our winning check came in the mail (June 2010).

And then the day finally came...I woke up incredibly early, much too anxious to sleep, and met my incredible bridesmaids at church to get ready. 

A morning of pampering seemed to pass very slowly in my excitement to see my groom. And finally I got to look at his handsome face...

We took a lot of pictures (Thanks to the phenomenal Primavera Studios). We had a ball in the freezing cold (it may have ruined my hair and makeup, but oh well)!

While we were taking pictures, 400 people flooded into the church to watch as we shared our vows. Our ceremony was very personal: we wrote our own vows, I sang to Jarrod, and shared some private moments with our families. It was beautiful...

And then we were pronounced man and wife! HALLELUJAH -- FINALLY!!!! I was on cloud nine!

We celebrated with a coffee and pie reception at the church and then shared in a dinner and dancing reception with our close friends and family. 

The day was a blessing ... one that we each look fondly back on each year and celebrate God's goodness in our relationship!

Lately we've spent a lot of time reflecting on God's goodness in our lives leading us up to our marriage and through our marriage in the last three years.  There's been so many times that we've had to rely very heavily on God's guidance and provision and he never fails to come through. It might be in the 'eleven:fifty-nineth hour' (as I lovingly call it) but, regardless, he never fails. This has been such a prominent theme in our marriage... God has never let us down in the way that he has led us and blessed us as a couple desiring to seek after Him every step of the way. He is our Rock and He knows the path that best exemplifies Him in our lives. 

We celebrated our anniversary by a quiet night out for dinner and then spent some time together at home watching moments of our wedding video. Months ago we booked a hotel for a weekend away in Chicago, but with the possibility of being matched soon and many adoption expenses rapidly approaching, we decided that, financially, it would be in our best interest to stay home and not spent any extra money. So, we gave away our weekend to an individual that has blessed us greatly in this process. 

And then on our anniversary we were blessed to have lunch with an incredibly generous individual who has blessed Jarrod and I by paying 110% for us to fly to Cancun, Mexico in just a few days and spend a week there on a 'babymoon' at an all-inclusive resort. Leaving us literally not paying a cent. We were shocked .... to say the very least! We leave in two days and are so blessed by the Lord leading this individual to selflessly offer us such a large gift. We are excited to spend our anniversary together, just the two of us, one last time in hopes that, next year, we will be celebrating as a family of three.

As I said earlier, sometimes, it's almost too easy to forget about our past. 

But our past defines who we are today. It's shaped us, molded us and tells our story. And although it's so fun to look back and remember the butterflies that I felt during that time in my life, three years ago, it's more fun to look back and see God's fingerprint on so many moments. 

God is good. There is no doubt that He has led us to where we are today and confirms our journey of adoption, but also our journey to seek His will in our lives, on a daily basis.  

I can't wait to look back three more years from right now and see God's fingerprints in even more ways than I do right now. 

So for now, at least for the next week while I bask in the sunshine with my husband and celebrate our family of two before we become a family of three, this blog will be rather quiet. But I challenge you for the time being to search for God's fingerprints in your past and how he's leading you and blessing you right now.

God is good. He is love. He is faithful. Love him. Obey him. He will send blessings.

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  1. This was an amazing story that truly touched my soul! God has blessed both of you and I pray the Love, Faith, and Hope between you two only grows as time passes!