Friday, April 11, 2014

New Look & New Project

Welcome to the, newly designed, Adding to Us blog! I've been anxious for a while now to launch a new look on here, but I had to wait for a few more pieces to fall into place before I could officially do so. But here I am, ready to broadcast this new design to the world!

But it comes with a little more news than just a new look. I've been so excited to announce this...

A few weeks ago a friend of mine that runs a business called Grace-filled Designs delivered a beautiful wall hanging for our nursery. I'll admit that I'm kind of a font snob, so I wanted to choose my own fonts and layout for the piece. So I designed up a very simple layout of the text that I wanted on the wall piece and sent it over to her. When she delivered the piece, she mentioned that she loved the way that I had laid out the font and wished that I could do it more often. This got me thinking a little - I've worked in both big-scale and small-scale design for the past few years in both of my work positions and I had learned a lot about behind the scenes blog coding and design. Why couldn't I do more of this on the side? Plus, in July I'll be leaving my second job so that I can stay home the majority of the time with the baby so I'd love to be able to still earn an additional second income to help finish paying for our adoption expenses (which continue to grow)?

So I prayed about it, dove in and decided to give it a try. Some sweet adoptive friends of mine volunteered their blogs and let me work up a simple new design for each of their blogs. I was sold and loved the design work associated with blogging. I wanted to dig in more and, truthfully, I really felt like the Lord was opening the door for this to happen.

Thus, Manda Julaine Designs was born and, as of today, is officially launched for the world to see!

I primarily specialize in blog, branding and web design, but also offer design services for business cards, announcements/invitations (adoption, birth, graduation, wedding, etc.) and A La Carte services such as Facebook cover photos, Etsy store banners, and general branding.

'Like' my Facebook page to stay up to date on new web and product launches. Or if you're in the market for some design services, either print or web based, head over to and fill out an inquiry form to be contacted with an official quote.

Okay, one final request and then I'm done (wink, wink). Would you share this new business with your friends and help me share my offerings and new business with anyone that might be interested? I so appreciate your help in getting the word out.

Manda Julaine Designs is officially in business!! I've been working with a few clients over the past few weeks on some web designs that I cannot wait to reveal very soon! Keep your eyes pealed!

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