Saturday, November 15, 2014

4 Months Old

Madison turns 4 months old today. That means that one third of Madi's first year of life has already passed. I feel like every month I blink and she's another month bigger.

This month especially I feel like she's grown leaps and bounds developmentally. Every day it's as if she's learned or discovered something new to amuse her.

This past Month Madi has...

  • Found her voice. This little girl loves to chatter and coo away the day with us. She's also discovered her voice while she's trying to fall asleep. Those little screams are cute ... but also very loud. 
  • Started to giggle uncontrollably back at us when we laugh at her. It's literally the most adorable thing ever!
  • Decided that she doesn't really like to lay down anymore. She always wants to be sitting or standing looking around at the world around her.
  • Learned to play with toys. She loves to hold toys, put them in her mouth, and laugh at books. She's very inquisitive now. (See example picture below)
Mom, what is this thing?
  • Become a drool fountain as her first two teeth come in. Madi started teething about three weeks ago. Her bottom two teeth have cut through and have caused a decent amount of fussiness in the past weeks.
  • Started to grow a lot more hair. Oddly enough, her hair is coming in very light (although it could get darker) and her eyes keep getting more and more blue. This girl is rocking her biological family's recessive genes!
  • Started following us with her eyes across the room. She always wants to know where we are at. It's (selfishly) really the best feeling when someone else is holding her and she hears my voice, finds me in the room and just stares and smiles at me. She knows who her mommy and daddy are - that's for sure!
  • Become a little more high maintenance. I realize this is totally expected in babies, don't worry. Just this morning, she would cry (tears and all) any time she dropped her toy out of her hands. Oh man...I couldn't stop laughing.
  • Gained new nicknames. We now lovingly call our daughter munchkin, Madi girl, fidget midget, munch, and Mads.
  • Officially become a part of the Stichter family when we closed her adoption case forever in court. This was probably the most beautiful milestone that happened this past month. (A post on this will be coming very, very soon.)

This little girl amazes me more and more every day. Although there are tough days, especially with teething, this munchkin has captured my heart in a way that I never thought was possible. More than anything, I'm amazed at God's grace in choosing us to be her parents.

Happy 4 Months Madi girl! You are the biggest blessing to my heart!

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