Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Reflection on Christmas (& 5 Months Old)

The Christmas season never ceases to amaze with the amount of business it involves. I feel as though I'm waking up one day and when I blink it's the next morning already. I've been terribly behind in my shopping and haven't even sent out my Christmas cards yet. This is rare for me. Usually I'm bursting at the seams for Christmas morning: the family time, the carols, the cookies...the joy of the season. And it's not that I've missed the joy this season but I feel like there's been so much going on that it's been easy for me to miss.

However, there have been blessed moments when I've had a chance to consider the season from an entirely new viewpoint that I've never thought of before. As a new mom, it's impossible to not look at the story of the first Christmas from Mary's point of view. I, often, compare how I feel as a mom on a daily basis with how Mary must have felt.

Particularly, one night, I was rocking a grumpy Madi to bed after a long day of tears and fussiness. I remember thinking, "Mary probably had days like this too. If Jesus was truly, fully man (which I believe He was) then, as a baby, he for sure had fussy days. Mary had to of had normal, frustrating mom days." And then I wondered if on those days she looked at Jesus and thought about his kingship and what he would grow up to be. Although the prophecies had given her some view into what her son would grow to be, you can't help but wonder what your children's lives will be like when they are grown. When I look at Madi and wonder those things in this season, I can't help but be drawn to Mary's heart as she cared for the king that would save the world.

This season, consider Mary's point of view. What would it be like to parent the child that would grow to save us all? That thought has struck me so incredibly in the last couple of weeks, even in the business that this season involves.

Speaking of business, I totally forgot to post Madi's pictures from her 5 month photo session! This kid is growing like crazy!!!

In the past month Madi has...

  • Started blowing raspberries. It's the most adorable thing I've seen.
  • Leaned to scoot in her crib and on the floor. We put her upright and she ends up sideways in her crib about five times per night. (Because of course she cries when her head ends up against the side of the crib).
  • Grown her ab muscles. Madi is almost always doing crunches and trying to sit up on her own. She's almost there too!
  • Started eating pureed foods! Madis' first food was peas. She hates them. She has since tried sweet potatoes and squash as well.
  • Still not figured out the rolling over thing. I swear, as much as we try to help this girl, she gives up every time her tummy hits the floor. She just hates it so much. Hasn't, obviously, stopped us from trying but we sure do wish she's get the hang of it so that we don't have to hear her scream anymore. :)
And to end today's long overdue post, here's some more pictures of Madi:

Merry Christmas to you and your family! May you find yourselves overwhelmed by God's goodness in 2015.