8/19/13 We get 'the news'
8/27/13 Pre-application to work with agency
8/29/13 Conference Call with CAC
9/4/13 Big Day-Decided to work with Bethany Christian Service for home study and Christian Adoption Consultants for matching/ Scheduled training classes to begin 5 days later!/ Received a grant to cover the cost of our home study (hallelujah!)
9/6/13 Completed formal application to work with Bethany
9/9/13 Attended Adoption 101 training class
9/12/13 Received mounds of paperwork to complete
9/19/13 Medical check-ups for adoption clearance
9/21/13 Attended second training class on transracial adoption
9/24/13 Finger printed
10/14/13 Attended final training class on open adoption and turned in our completed home study information packet
12/3/13 First home study interview and scheduled next 2 visits. Should be licensed by mid-January.
12/6/13 Final 2 home study visits rescheduled to take place in January. Should be licensed by February.
12/30/13 Home visit scheduled for January 8 and licensing set for January 15. YAY!
1/8/14 Home inspection completed and licensing date pushed back...again.
1/22/14 Final licensing interview completed. License read-through pushed back one more week as we wait for our fingerprints to come back.
1/28/14 Fingerprints have finally cleared and arrived at agency
1/29/14 Licensing read-through with social worker
2/7/14 Officially licensed by DCFS in the state of Illinois to adopt
2/8/14 Presented to our first birth family and three more after that one.

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  1. So encouraging to read this!! Yes, bumps in the "road/journey," but how exciting to bring her home this Sept. Excited for you and your family, Amanda!!